Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Gayness ... is not a state or condition. It's a mode of perception, an attitude, and ethos: in short, it is a practice. ... 'gay' refers not just to something you are, but something you do. ... And if 'gayness' is a practice, it is something that can be done well or badly." - David Halperin, How to Be Gay, 13

If it is a practice, which can be done "well or badly," and who can say which, then that practice may take place among friends -- it may(be) only be able to take place among friends, which may or may not end up in the act of sex. To enact gayness is not necessarily to be oriented toward same-sex relations (in the physical sense): in short, we must continue to re-imagine gay -- its performativities, affects, feelings, organizations, differences, styles, and modes of connectivity.

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