Saturday, March 9, 2013

Queer Joy, Queer Happy

Queerness may be an affect (always pre-personal) that moves the body in ways that may then be articulated as the feeling called joy (of course there are many other feelings). Perhaps, queerness is a performative endeavour (never necessarily "intentional") that looks (is a visuality) like joy, or, some may say, happiness (which is also, in some ways, performative), because of certain movements of the body. For example, these boys are happy. Who are they? Happy, which in certain situations appears (appearance is all we have) queer, which is to say "normative" (an over-used term, indeed) enactments of one's sex and gender are (temporarily) destabilized - and, thus, queer is only ever a moment, a current, and a flow - always through the body (which may not always be a human body)

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