Saturday, March 9, 2013

Queer Futurity, Queer (&) Deconstruction

"Queerness is not yet here. Queerness is an ideality. Put another way, we are not yet queer. We may never touch queerness, but we can feel it as the warm illumination of a horizon imbuded with potentiality. We have never been queer, yet queerness exists for us as an ideality that can be distilled from the past and used to imagine a future. The future is queerness’s domain. Queerness is a structuring and educated mode of desiring that allows us to see and feel beyond the quagmire of the present… We must strive, in the face of the here and now’s totalizing rendering of reality, to think and feel a then and there... Queerness is a longing that propels us onward, beyond romances of the negative and toiling in the present. Queerness is that thing that lets us feel that this world is not enough, that indeed something is missing…Queerness is essentially about the rejection of a here and now and an insistence on potentiality or concrete possibility for another world." - Jose Esteban Munoz, Cruising Utopia: The Then and There of Queer Futurity

I deffer any comment on Munoz's argument on queerness to the future, perhaps for tomorrow, or, perhaps, never. I must differ comment in order to not engage with the (ironically) totalizing argument of what queer, ostensibly, is, which for Munoz, is "not yet here." Any more comment must be deferred (and differed), for a decomstruction to-come, which is already (un-)becoming in the ex-centric center his quasi-definition.

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